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Rapid Mobile

Mobile BI is not just Cool! Its ESSENTIAL!!

Mobile App Success Criteria

To deliver mobile apps that have a positive impact on the users and the enterprise, three critical elements must be addressed:

  1. UX –A well designed UX must consider user attitudes and behaviors. The context in which the mobile apps are used in addition to the design elements of the user interface (UI) are critically important.
  2. Business process — The associated business process should fundamentally alter or extend the existing offering to create impactful mobile apps. This can either be done with greater efficiency or new capabilities not associated with the current business process.
  3. Mobile app architecture — Getting the mobile app architecture correct can make organizations very productive. A proper architecture is critical to facilitate rapid development of mobile apps that offer the appropriate level of integration with existing systems of record. They also incorporate services that enhance the functionality of the apps.

These elements are interdependent and critical to creating successful mobile apps that have positive impacts on the organization. By taking each into consideration, you will be able to develop and deploy apps that can be:

  • Built rapidly and iteratively improved
  • Meet user expectations
  • Improve business productivity with real return on investment


Start to Finish - under 3 weeks

Rapid Mobile Program is a Targeted, Delivery Focused Engagement, where the Nexus BI team will Design, Develop, and Deliver a Production Ready Mobile Application designed in MicroStrategy, using Your Data – typically in 3 weeks or less!

Fixed Cost!

Relax, we will not go over Budget! Rapid Mobile Program gives you the peace of mind with a Fixed Price approach, thus minimizing risk for your Budget! Plus, we use pre-designed templates, where you can visualize the final product even before we begin development!

Securely Deploy in Nexus Cloud with ease!

Securely Deploy the Mobile App to thousands of users with ease by hosting it in Nexus Cloud Service, our Premiere Cloud offering, where we maintain, monitor, optimize and attend to technical details – all without opening any external ports on your Network!
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